Mission and Vision - Our mission is to help you to achieve your ultimate goals in life and to give you the opportunity to earn a full time income with parttime hours. So you will have more time with family and friends and you can finally buy your dream house.

Our mission and vision

""When I started it was really just to earn some extra money. But as I went on and started to sell more, my financial situation completely transformed, everything changed. Now I can honestly say that the journey with Bugarttia is the most incredible experience of my life, emotionally and financially. The people I've met, the friendships that I've created with them. Fantastic!" - Fred B.

Millions of people clean their floor every day and look for a simpler, time-saving and better way to get their floors cleaned. The quality and design of the Bugarttia makes this product sell itself.

A long-term mindset, strategic planning and sustainable operations characterise our business. We invest in the future of our distributors and are dedicated to the environment and society. We are a transparent company and want to offer a clear understanding about the product and the development and growth of our company, to both our distributors and customers.

At Bugarttia it is all about innovation, quality and improvement.

Bugarttia offers a solution to all your wishes.