Bugarttia C400 Professional Quick-Dry Sponge Mop

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The newest technology

Bugarttias Quick-Dry Performance Sponge

The Quick-Dry Performance Sponge™ is specially designed for cleaning hard floors

This sponge is especially suited for laminate and parquet floors, as well as for stone and tiled floors. Even when used daily, the sponge only has to be replaced once every 6 months, as the superb rinsing system will keep the sponge clean and fresh. Apart from that, with the use of this sponge the floor will dry up to an astounding 5 times faster than with a regular sponge mop.

Bugarttia C400 - Professional Quick-Dry Floor Wiper

The Bugarttia C400 cleans your floors quickly, effortlessly and more easily

Cleaning floors without the need to bend over and strain your back, and without having to immerse your hands in dirty water. It sounds like a dream. And yet the Bugarttia C400 makes it possible to remain standing comfortably and keep the hands dry. Next to that, the sponge is amazingly suited for the cleaning of plinths. Because of its design, sustainability and ease of use, the Bugarttia is one of a kind.

Bugarttia's test and product development

Bugarttia’s test and product development is focused on cleaning floors

The C400 floor wiper is the amazing result of over three years of product development, careful calculations, design, testing rounds, re-design and input by many different parties. For just one purpose: creating the best possible experience when it comes to cleaning floors.

2-year warranty on parts and performed labor

Bugarttia offers you a 2-year warranty on parts and performed labour

The Bugarttia C400 was developed using high-grade materials with the focus on a long life-span. One purchase guarantees years of comfort in cleaning your home.

A design inspired by modern interiors, architecture and luxury yachts

A design inspired by modern interiors, architecture and luxury yachts

Buggarttia develops beautiful, inspiring products that represent our passion for sustainable design and luxury.

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