Social media - How to make money from social media and start your own business network.

Setting up a business Facebook page

At Bugarttia we have a Social Media Specialists Team. They are aware of the latest developments in and around social media. They offer a standard business Facebook page with the option to connect it to your own private Facebook page. You have a very powerful tool at your disposal to utilize your sales, entirely via Facebook.

Social Media (especially Facebook) today is incredibly important. Use Social Media to build client relationships and use your social network to offer the Bugarttia. We offer you the opportunity to integrate your Facebook page with information and videos about Bugarttia. One can then purchase directly from your Facebook page or request information. Should the customer wish to make a purchase, then he / she is required to fill out your Partner code to purchase the item. This is the only possible way.

Every year the number of owners of a Smart Phone, and its use, increases significantly. More and more online purchases are made mobile. You can also use a mobile version of our web shop that is fully designed and optimized for the mobile user. This way your customers can easily use their mobile to view or buy the Bugarttia!

Want to know more about Social Media and the possibilities for using Social Media to increase your sales? Every month you can participate in our workshop that revolves around the business-side of Facebook for the distributors. The following topics are covered in one session:

  • Purpose and function of a business Facebook page
  • The difference between a personal profile and a business page
  • Branding and organize your own community of "fans"
  • Setting up a business Facebook page
  • Apps that make your Facebook page easy to maintain
  • Creating the right mix of audiences
  • Content Strategy: What to write, how often and when?
  • The use of links to share. Videos, photos and music clips

Interested in participating? Click here and fill out the form, we will then send you more information and the agenda.