The Bugarttia is through

Unique Technology

  1. Unique product - Quick-Dry Mop
  2. The Bugarttia’s design, durability, elegance is the only one of its kind
  3. The new Quick-Dry Mop System is within range
  4. New innovative technology that dries the floor in seconds
  5. Everyone needs it on a regular basis, not a luxury product

Completely New Way

The Bugarttia is perfect in its form and function. It is developed in order to make cleaning easier and give comfort in use.
Product Video (compare to test it)

We are particularly proud of the quality

Our ISO9001 certified factory is extremely skilled, has decades of experience and pays the utmost attention to every technical detail.
We believe in the quality and give you a 5 year warranty.
3d drawing zooms in quality (in drawing materials appoint + following process in drawing,The Bugarttia is made of high-quality materials that are suitable for intensive use.)

The design combines style and elegance.

The shapes of the new Bugarttia Floor Clean System are designed so that they are an added value to the beauty of your home. That makes the Bugarttia unique!